65 Miles for Jessica's 65th Birthday
Saturday, September 10, 2016

My actual route from Map My Ride
Every five years, I ride my age in miles to check out progress on building Metro Boston's infrastructure This year, I turned 65, so I enlarged my loop around the city, discovered some new projects and checked out the routes of some others that don't exist on the ground yet. As always, I started at the highest point in Boston, Bellevue Hill, the top of the Stony Brook watershed, and followed the Stony Brook Reservation bike path to Mother Brook, then the Neponset Trail to its northern end, including a not-yet-opened portion, the Harborpath to Sullivan Square in Charlestown, with a detour to Cambridge to see some friends receive a design grant from Livable Streets,paths along the Mystic in Somerville and Medford, Alewife Brook to Belmont, a cycle track and the Fresh Pond bike path to the start of the future Watertown Path, then some bushwacking to the existing part of the trail in Watertown, a current and future cycle track to Watertown Square, the Upper Charles Reservation path through Waltham, including a new boardwalk to Moody St., streets through Newton (because I lost the path), dirt paths through Brook Farm Historic Site, Millenium Park, then streets along Mother Brook, and the West Boundary Road (some paved and unpaved path) to Washington St. and the top of the hill. It took all day because of lots of stops and photos.
Thanks to Lee Toma for joining me on much of the Neponset Trail.

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All photos are by Jessica Mink, Masspaths.net
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Stony Brook Reservation, Hyde Park

Mother Brook Mill Pond, Hyde Park

Neponset Trail, Hyde Park

New Blue Hill Ave. Crossing, Milton

Neponset Trail Under Construction, Mattapan

Neponset Trail Under COnstruction, Milton

Neponset Trail, Dorchester

Port Norfolk Park, Dorchester

Port Norfolk, Dorchester

Neponet Trail, Columbia Point, Dorchester

End of Neponset Trail, Castle Island, SOuth Boston

Massport First St. Harbor Walk, South Boston

Harborwalk, Boston Seaport District

Harborwalk, Charlestown

Livable Streets Celebration, North Point, Cambridge

Mystic River Path, Somerville

Mystic River Path, Medford

Alewife Brook Path, Arlington

Alewife Brook Path, Cambridge

Concord Ave. and Fresh Pond, Cambridge

Pre-Construction Watertown Greenway, Cambridge

Watertown Greenway, Watertown

Charles River Reservation Trail, Watertown

Charles River Reservation Trail, Newton

Charles River Reservation Trail, Waltham

Charles River Reservation Trail, Newton

Echo Bridge, Newton

Brook Farm Reservation, West Roxbury

Millenium Park, West Roxbury

Mother Brook, Dedham

Stony Brook Reservation, Hyde Park

Vision Zero Bikelanes, Roslindale

Home, Roslindale