Jessica Mink

Astronomer and Bike Activist

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Things I Do
Create software tools for positional astronomy
Create and manage astronomical archives
Bicycle everywhere taking lots of photos
(long-time activism, bikeways, commuting, touring, HPVs, skiing, mountain biking, Tandems Folding Tandems)
Cross-country ski
Sing in my church choir and the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus
Go to plays at Central Square Theater, Company One Theatre, Apollonaire Theatre Company, Huntington Theatre, and American Repertory Theater, among others
Act as one of the Women of Brook Farm
Serve on the boards of GLAD, and New Brook Farm,
Chair the Neponset River Greenway Council
Serve on the Standing Committee of the Theodore Parker Church (UU) and teach adult religious exploration

Getting to Where I'm At
  • I've lived in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston for over 29 years, but
  • I grew up outside of Dundee, Illinois,
  • graduated in 1969 from Dundee Community High School
  • went east to MIT to study Comparative Planetology and Astronomy graduating with a Bachelor's degree (*and a wedding ring) in 1973, followed by a Master's a year later in 1974.
  • helped discover the rings of Uranus while working at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York
  • returned to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work first at MIT
    and for the past almost 32 years, at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

  • Late in life, I became myself.

  • I occasionally blog at my own site, Trancyclist, and at Women in Astronomy
  • and can be found on Facebook
  • and Twitter: @MinkJessica (for astronomy) and @BikesInSpace (for everything else)

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